Keith's financial top tips 19.10.22

We have a great update from Keith Marcroft, Financial Consultant providing some of his financial top tips after over 25 years in the industry.

An update from our mortgages team 08.09.22

In the episode, we have David Baker and Eleanor Fish from the LIFT-Mortgages team. Dave will be providing a market update, talking about the rising rates, standard variable rates and offers some tips and guidance for people looking to buy.

With players every step of the way 19.07.22

This episode features Declan Davies and Alex Carroll discussing how we work with players throughout their careers and adapt their financial plans to suit the stages they are at in life. They also share some tips and guidance they often find themselves telling players.

A look into cashflow planning with Ed & James 15.06.22

This episode features James Potter and Edward Backhouse, Chartered Financial Planners at LIFT-Financial talking about what cashflow planning is and how it can help clients create a financial plan fit for the future.

Dave's 10 years at LIFT 13.04.2022

David Baker, Managing Director of LIFT-Mortgages has just celebrated his 10 year anniversary at LIFT. David and Eleanor Fish look back at the past years, share some highs and lows and David also shares a mortgage market update.

Financial Planning with Footballers 28.03.22

We have LIFT-Sport’s first-ever podcast available now! Declan Davies and Alex Carroll talk about the importance of footballers using a financial planner, key trends within the industry and how they can help players plan for a financially secure future.

A further look into Inheritance Tax Planning 18.02.22

Following on from our podcast last month Ross Glanfield Partner and Chartered Financial Planner at LIFT-Financial takes a further look into inheritance tax planning and shares some of the options people have available to them. The FCA does not regulate Tax, Trusts or Estate Planning.

An Introduction to Inheritance Tax Planning 27.01.22

We have Ross Glanfield, Partner and Chartered Financial Planner providing an introduction to inheritance tax planning. He explores what inheritance tax is, who it affects and offers some guidance. The FCA does not regulate Tax, Trusts or Estate Planning.

An introduction to life insurance 18.11.21

We have Donna Tuohy, our Life Insurance Expert and James Potter, Trainee Financial Planner, talking about life insurance. They discuss what protection is, when you should consider getting life cover, misconceptions associated with cover, the impact Covid-19 has had on the process and protection cover via the workplace.

Mortgages specialist lending 20.10.21

This podcast features David Baker, Managing Director of LIFT-Mortgages talking to Abbie Gaul our new Mortgage Consultant. Abbie explains the specialist lending options she now brings to the team such as bridging finance, buy-to-let mortgages and providing finance for refurbishment projects and development opportunities.

Retirement strategy with Rachel Vahey 22.09.21

This episode features special guest Rachel Vahey, Senior Technical Consultant at AJ Bell, discussing the topic of retirement strategy with Jonathan Halsall, Chartered Financial Planner at LIFT-Financial. The podcast will cover planning the run-up to retirement, retirement options and also accessing personal investments alongside your pensions.

Family finances 16.08.21

This episode features Suzanne McGowan, Head of LIFT-WorkWise, talking about family finances. She will be discussing the basics of a financial plan, saving for children and many other areas you should consider when creating a financial plan to suit your family’s needs.

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