Daniel Barratt
Chartered Financial Planner

Daniel Barratt – Chartered Financial Planner

Joined LIFT-Financial in October 2012.


After graduating university with a degree in finance & investment management I joined LIFT-Financial in 2012. I have progressed from a junior administrator to a Chartered Financial Planner and a Fellow of the Professional Finance Society. I moved to London in January 2015.  I enjoy working with clients to help them understand their financial future and what often simple steps can be taken to develop a comprehensive financial plan. My aim is to introduce young professionals to long term financial planning. As with everyone involved with LIFT-Financial, I am a strong proponent of fair, tailored and fee based financial planning.


Spare time?
I love watching football, eating out and travelling.
Famous dinner guests of choice?
Steven Gerrard, George W. Bush, Will Ferrell.
Favourite city?
This year, Copenhagen.
Karaoke song?

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