Investment / Portfolio Management Service

For employers who want to offer a more refined pension solution than the ‘off the shelf’ provider default, we offer a bespoke portfolio service.

By teaming up with LIFT-Invest, we can design and manage a suite of fund portfolios to suit the risk appetites of employees with sophisticated planning needs. Your employees, therefore, get many of the benefits of tailored investment advice. These portfolios can be designed using the funds available on your group pension provider’s platform and receive the regular monthly payments in line with any other scheme.

We can offer the service on a discretionary basis. Offering the portfolio on a discretionary basis means that we do not need to consult with and obtain permission from every employee in respect of every portfolio change or rebalance. This makes the proposition scalable as it can be offered to a large group of employees cost-effectively. For individuals working in the financial sector and subject to mandatory checks on their investment activity it also mitigates the need for pre-trade clearance.


LIFT-Invest is a regulated discretionary management firm that was launched in May 2017 following a demand by LIFT-Financial clients to have access to a high-quality discretionary investment service.  The same high LIFT standards form the backbone of the service as the well-qualified investment team have established a thorough and methodical approach to attaining favourable long-term investment outcomes for clients. 

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