LIFT your finances

Join James Potter and Edward Backhouse, Chartered Financial Planners, for a FREE opportunity for everyone - from city professionals to entrepreneurs to ask them any questions about your finances. 

James and Edward can help you answer questions such as:

*When can I afford to retire, and how much can I spend?

*Are my pensions/investments invested in the right way?

*Am I saving/investing enough each month?

*Should I overpay my mortgage vs investing?

*Is my lifestyle protected if I get ill?

*How can I make the most of my wealth?

On Wednesday, August 10th and Thursday, August 11th we are offering 30-minute sessions from 07.30 am - 6.00 pm. Virtual sessions are available over Teams and Zoom, or come and visit us in person in our Altrincham office. 

To sign up please click the day below you'd like a session and you will be directed to our online booking form.

Wednesday 10th August

Thursday 11th August

The contents of the session are for information purposes only and do not constitute individual advice.

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