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I‘m a Marketing student at Edge Hill University and during my summer I contacted Emma Hatfield in the Marketing Department. I asked if I could come to LIFT on a work placement and get a taste of what the life of a marketer is really like - luckily, she was more than happy to help. We agreed that for 3 weeks I would become a Marketing Assistant at the head office, in Altrincham, and what an interesting 3 weeks it’s been!

The first few days were jam-packed with introductory meetings and trying my hardest to remember everyone’s names. I was welcomed with open arms into the office, which made settling into the role easy. I also got a free branded water bottle, always a bonus.

My first week was spent getting to grips with the programmes LIFT use, for example, Visme to create exciting content for the website, email and social media accounts, and how Emma contacts designers and keeps on track with all the ongoing activities. I was also introduced to some of these projects I would be getting involved with and helping to develop over the next three weeks.

Before I knew it, I was halfway through my second week, and my placement, knee-deep in emails about this and that (I can’t give away too much now can I), and absolutely loving it! I was learning something new every day from Emma’s impressive knowledge of marketing, from Pantone's and budgeting to creating a strong brand. It was interesting to see the theories and models we learn in lectures, applied and working in real-life situations.

The biggest project I was involved in was one for LIFT-Sport, mainly for their upcoming 10th birthday and how we can make it as special and memorable as possible. Celebrating how hard the Sports team have worked over the past 10 years. So, keep your eyes peeled for that! Alongside this, I was creating content to be uploaded onto LIFTs social media accounts and promoting various other blog posts or events the staff at LIFT were involved in. My second week ended on a high with dress down Friday in aid of the charity Emmaus and a chippy lunch bought for us by the Directors.

My final week flew by in a haze of analytics, asset creation and lots of coffee. Before I knew it, my last day had arrived and I’m trying to summarise this amazing experience into a couple of paragraphs. The experience has truly been one of a kind, and I won’t be forgetting it any time soon. It has made me even more certain that a career in marketing is for me (thankfully!).

I want to say a massive thank you to the team at LIFT who have been extremely welcoming and friendly- but especially to Emma who allowed it all to happen.

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