15 and counting

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Having worked with Rebecca and Maxwell for over six years, it has been my pleasure to help them secure 15 mortgages during that time. After meeting at a financial education seminar, Rebecca was originally a client of Mark Morgan, one of our Senior Financial Planners. Over the last six years, we have arranged mortgages to buy properties, some of which they have renovated and sold, others they have renovated and retained as buy to lets. We have also helped them to remortgage properties. 

Often, we need to be quick and accurate with the mortgage options for our clients. For example, getting an Agreement in Principle (the amount you will be able to lend) within hours, applications submitted, and an offer issued in record time. This is mainly due to the types, price, and condition of the properties they aim to purchase; in many cases, Rebecca and Maxwell have been up against other developers, first-time buyers and landlords, so time is of the essence. The properties they source are typically being sold at a lower price than the surrounding area as they are in a dated and neglected condition, making them highly competitive.

Rebecca and Maxwell featured on a Channel 5 series called ‘Climbing the Property Ladder’ about people putting their cash and hard work into property developing for-profit. They have kindly provided us with some images of renovated properties, which you can see below. Some have been sold, and others retained as buy to let properties.

Working with Rebecca and Max is always interesting; they are the perfect clients and always bring me a new exciting challenge when they get in touch. Rebecca will call me up or send me an email with a new property and a simple line such as ‘how do we make this one work?’. My role is to see how soon I can get them an agreement. Their trust in me is the key to our business relationship; they understand the challenges and complexities of their situation; if there is a problem, we always work on a solution together. 

Our working relationship is so great I was very honored to be invited to their wedding, which was a first for me since joining LIFT!

It is great to see Rebecca feels the same about the service we have delivered as she recently left us this glowing review: 

“Rhys has been our broker for six years, dealing with about 15 mortgages in that time. I used to be an EA to a London CEO, so I have very high standards! Rhys never fails to meet those standards and is an expert in his field. The mortgage case handlers also live up to the Lift-Mortgages superior level of service. I do not hesitate in recommending them”.

If you think LIFT-Mortgages can be the solution to your mortgage needs, please do get in touch. 




Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. 

Source: https://www.channel5.com/show/climbing-the-property-ladder/

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15 and counting

This interesting case study shows how our Mortgage Broker Rhys Edwards has been able to work with Rebecca and Maxwell over the last 6 years to secure 15 mortgages! Rhys’ hard work and quick turnaround has helped this couple compete within a very busy and competitive market.

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